Friday, 3 July 2009

New Moon Countdown Official Poster

Steph's Twilight Dream

hey guy this is stephI won a competition to meet the cast of Twilight, i went to this big house where they all lived together, but they where there characters not themselves. When i got there i knocked on the door and the Cullen's answered, Alice took my hand and led me inside and up the stairs she was really excited all smiles. when we got to the top of the stairs i met Bella WHO WAS FULLY BLOWN PREGNANT AND SMOKING A CIGARETTE, she looked at me with disgust and walked away. Then Alice and Edward (who looked HOT!) took me to a room, they said this is where the wolfs stay. I talked to Seth for a minute whilst the others just said hi from there beds. As i was just turning around to leave the room Jacob was standing right in front of me, all of a sudden he picked up, wrapped my legs around him and he started kissing me really hard and heavy, i could literary feel his muscles in my hands and we kissed 4 about 5Min's and then as i came up for breath i looked around embarrassed to see that Edward was laughing as though he expected that to happen.I went and met everyone else and the director and Jacob never left my side.

Twi-Dream by Sinead

... (Approved for watershed) ... I shut the doors behind me a giggled ... Emmett stood there shirtless looking gorgeous and incredibly ripped chest! I felt my jaw drop and then heard myselft take a deep and shaky breath... Emmett chuckled and placed one of his cold hands touch the skin against my waist! I shivered and smiled know what was about to happen! i coundnt controll myself and felt my hands and entire body melt and pounce on Emmett! my hands and nails ran passionately and ferociously down his perfectly angular chest and back, my nails digging themselves in and tearing down his skin! leaving no mark but a feeling of release from me! He collected me up in his arms and with a flash of movement we were both on the four poster bed, passionately kissing and carressing eachother! For that moment i was content and thought i could possible never be as happy as i felt in this moment... Emmett wrapped me up in his big bear arms and gently kissed my neck and whispered very dirty and kinky things in my ear! I turned my head and grinned pulling the covers over our heads and partaking in round 2...3...4!!

Twi-Dream by Sinead

I was at the cullen house, just spending the day there randomly. The entire house was in this frenzy... nobody could control themselves. i took a tour around the house and it seemed like more of a fraternity house that a family home. Doors were slamming and loud rock music filled the house and hallways. Emmett and Rosalie were all over eachother, breaking beds, furniture and even the grand staircase. It was surreal the way they didnt bat an eyelid as I stood by the door in shock and intrigue. Almost like they enjoyed being watched. As Rosalie left and brushed past me in a flash, Emmett was standing shirtless in his room smiling at me, I felt drawn toward him. As i entered the room i shut the double doors behing me and giggled... (Gotta Wait For The Watershed!) ...