Friday, 3 July 2009

Twi-Dream by Sinead

I was at the cullen house, just spending the day there randomly. The entire house was in this frenzy... nobody could control themselves. i took a tour around the house and it seemed like more of a fraternity house that a family home. Doors were slamming and loud rock music filled the house and hallways. Emmett and Rosalie were all over eachother, breaking beds, furniture and even the grand staircase. It was surreal the way they didnt bat an eyelid as I stood by the door in shock and intrigue. Almost like they enjoyed being watched. As Rosalie left and brushed past me in a flash, Emmett was standing shirtless in his room smiling at me, I felt drawn toward him. As i entered the room i shut the double doors behing me and giggled... (Gotta Wait For The Watershed!) ...

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