Friday, 3 July 2009

Twi-Dream by Sinead

... (Approved for watershed) ... I shut the doors behind me a giggled ... Emmett stood there shirtless looking gorgeous and incredibly ripped chest! I felt my jaw drop and then heard myselft take a deep and shaky breath... Emmett chuckled and placed one of his cold hands touch the skin against my waist! I shivered and smiled know what was about to happen! i coundnt controll myself and felt my hands and entire body melt and pounce on Emmett! my hands and nails ran passionately and ferociously down his perfectly angular chest and back, my nails digging themselves in and tearing down his skin! leaving no mark but a feeling of release from me! He collected me up in his arms and with a flash of movement we were both on the four poster bed, passionately kissing and carressing eachother! For that moment i was content and thought i could possible never be as happy as i felt in this moment... Emmett wrapped me up in his big bear arms and gently kissed my neck and whispered very dirty and kinky things in my ear! I turned my head and grinned pulling the covers over our heads and partaking in round 2...3...4!!

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